Melvin Blair ,The CEO, and Editor-in-Chief

My name is Melvin Blair and I run the blog, a website filled with detailed reviews of binoculars from all over the world. The content on this site is created to help those looking for new or used binoculars find exactly what they need in their budget.

I started this blog out of a personal passion for binoculars. I had been using and collecting them since I was a young boy, and as I got older, my love of the hobby only grew. Growing up in rural South Carolina, there weren’t many stores nearby that stocked quality binoculars, so I decided to learn more about them online. After reading countless reviews, I decided to create my own blog and share that knowledge with others.

With, I strive to provide thorough reviews of binoculars from all over the world. That means going beyond the surface specs, such as magnifications and field of view, and providing photos and detailed descriptions about each product’s construction, design, and features.

I also provide helpful how-to guides and other tips on my blog to help you get the most out of your binoculars. From cleaning techniques to advice on what to look for when buying a pair of binoculars, I’ve got you covered with plenty of useful knowledge.

When I’m not doing research for, I enjoy spending time with my family and exploring the outdoors. Hiking, camping, and photography are some of my favorite activities, and they’re all made more enjoyable with the help of binoculars!

I’m a passionate astronomy educator and I have been teaching classes in the subject for over fifteen years. I also write articles and reviews on various pieces of equipment, such as telescopes and camera lenses. was created as a platform to continue this work, allowing me to share my knowledge with an even larger audience and help them become better astronomers.

In addition to writing, I also review equipment and host workshops on astrophotography. I’m an expert in the field, so my reviews are comprehensive and detailed. My workshops are designed to be both informative and fun. They’re perfect for beginners who just want to learn more about astronomy as well as experienced astrophotographers who want to take their skills to the next level.